When do you find time to write?

Time to write?  Are you kidding?  Every writer I know is working on the challenge of finding a way to write while sleeping.  Think of all the hours we waste sound asleep EVERY SINGLE NIGHT!  Then there will be all those years we’ll be dead.  Think of all THAT writing time.  Yes, there has to be a way.

I’ve pondered some sort of "rewind" option to life that might build in a sort of Mobius Strip way to double up on how much I can get done.  This would be far more than multi-tasking–a skill many of us have already mastered.    No, I want a whole second track existence where I can work on my writing for hours at a time without interruption.  Ah, the pleasure of wrestling with words, trying to pin meaning to the page.

You might think this struggle for time is excessive.  Perhaps it is.  Perhaps we should all relax.  But I don’t think so.  I think this need to create is a widespread urge of human beings who have had the opportunity to try new things over the years only to discover the magic of growth.  YES! we holler.  Put it on the list.  And keep working.

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