They’re Lost!

I have some characters in search of a story.  Please help them! 

Grandy Prundweller

Sternadipia Speechwither

Landbore Greebefelt

Normella Stumprot

10 responses to “They’re Lost!

  1. Its no wonder they’re lost. With a name like any of those I’d be lost, too.

  2. Ann,
    I found your character profiles in Wiki-Acrostic.
    You can fill in the plot.

    Grandy is his first name.
    Ranting is his usual tone.
    A bit of a know-it-all
    No sense of humor.
    Does not like to listen.
    Yells when people don’t agree with him.

    Prundweller is his last name.
    Reasonably attractive.
    Unaware of the pain he causes..
    No tolerance for homosexual lifestyle.
    Does not care if others are hurt if he gets what he wants.
    Was married three times, all ending in divorce.
    Eventually all of his wives grew to hate him.
    Looks about his age, 63.
    Likes Normella a lot.
    Elicits help from other club members for his pursuit of Normella.
    Retired with plenty of money to waste.

    Sternadipia is her first name.
    The dowdy president of the club.
    Even keeled and insists on following the rules.
    Razor sharp, but keeps it hidden.
    No details are too small.
    A 40 year marriage to Landbore.
    Devoted to her husband.
    Insists on micro managing.
    Pleasant in social environments.
    Intimate details of others relationships fascinate her.
    A proud mother..

    Speechwither is her business name.
    Passes all info to her husband.
    Expects perfection from all.
    Excited by events unfolding.
    Cannot wait for the finish.
    Hurt by Grady also.
    Watching and helping Normella.
    Internalizes hurt.
    Treating Grandy as if she adores him.
    Hates Grandy.
    Emotions starting to overflow.
    Revenge is her motive.

    Landbore is his first name.
    A partner with Sternadipia.
    Nice to his friends.
    Driller for oil.
    Best friend of Grandy, until…
    Old friends showed their true colors.
    Rich now.
    Ego damaged.

    Greebefelt is his last name.
    Rues not protecting Norman.
    Ears are huge and hear everything.
    Events out of his control.
    Brave to confess his faults.
    Either son or daughter is okay.
    Family comes first.
    Elated at the end game.
    Laughs like never before.
    Tadpoles change and are accepted too.

    Normella is her newest name.
    Out of the closet in the past.
    Really has a surprise for Grandy.
    Made big changes in her life.
    Evokes wolf whistles.
    Looks like a fairy tale princess.
    Lives like a queen.
    Allows Grandy to court her.

    Stumprot is the name she switched to.
    Temptress now.
    Unable to forgive Grady for the past.
    Male no longer.
    Past lives will hurt no more.
    Reveals the truth to Grady.
    Originally her name was Norman
    The times have changed.

    The meaning in names. Especially names like these.

  3. The aroma from the steel mill in Rotweil, Indiana wafted through Normella Stumprot’s bedroom window. She hated being confined to her small bed, but since losing her right leg in the oven accident at the Prundweller Steel Company, she had no options to move around on her own. On Saturdays, when her sister Sternadipia had time off from her job as a receptionist to Grandy Prundweller, would she have the opportunity to be drug our of bed and placed in the ancient wheelchair for a trip to the shower. Her own aroma was overriding that of the steel mill at the moment.
    Sternadipia Speechwither, with her pronounced lisp, was lucky to have found a job at all. And now with her sister’s needs, she had little time for herself. Prior to the accident, she had been dating Landbore Greebefelt, the owner of the local pool hall. That relationship was on the skids, and she hadn’t see Landbore for over six weeks.
    Mr. Greebefelt, leaned over the kelly green pool table, smoke curling from the Chesterfield he held in the crook of his wide mouth. He was wondering what had happened to his latest girlfriend, Sternadipia. She had suddenly stopped coming in for her usual Saturday morning game of nine ball. He pondered their last time together. Had he made a remark about her stuttering speech pattern? Or finished one too many of her sentences for her? Maybe old man Prundweller was making a move on her. She was one of the most attractive gals in Rotweil, if you ignored the spittle when she spoke.
    Grandy teetered back in his enormous executive chair, and looked up at the ceiling. He watched the smoke rising from his Cuban cigar, thinning out on its way to the carved oak roof of his plush office. He was having lecherous thoughts about his receptionist, as he did almost every afternoon around this time.
    No way I can persue that cutie without risking my unholy marriage to Barfmound Rotweil, daughter of the town’s founder. But there is no harm in fantasizing, he thought. He was trying to imagine her leaning across his desk with her revealing cleavage, when the complicated phone on the corner of his desk rang loud enough to break his revery.
    “Mr. Prundweller, this is Miss Boddyfeeler from County Social Services, do you have an employee on your payroll by the name of Normella Stumprot?”
    “Why yes,” he answered, “ I believe she is on Worker’s Compensation leave from a terrible accident at the moment. What is this about?”
    “Miss Stumprot has filed a complaint with our office, stating that you were personally responsible for her accident and current condition. If possible, I would like to come by to interview you this afternoon.”
    “I had nothing to do with her accident,” shouted Grandy into the phone, “How can she say that?”
    “Well for one thing, she is carrying your child.” said Rozco Boddyfeeler, “So we can start there.”
    “Oh crap!”said Grandy under his breath.

  4. Hysterical. Great characters. I love it.

  5. “Good morning. Prundweller, Speechwither, and Greebefelt. Normella Strumpot speaking. May I help you?”

    “Uh, yeah. May I speak with Joe Hill, please?”

  6. Hey PAT,

    What is Wiki-Acrostic?

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